Resources for S1 Eurovision topic.

Introduction to European Countries
Drag the countries at the side to reveal their names.
Click on the stars to find out the capital, flage, outline and currency of some of the countries.
Click on the red dots to take you back to the map.
Click on the square here to take you to 3 dice games to play guess the country.

Which group will visit the most European countries?
Listen to the clues, when you think you know the answer write down the name of the country.
If you are correct you can change the country to your group's colour (click on country, go to properties and change colour).
Group with most countries their colour wins when time is up.
Class were finding out flags, capitals and currencies of the countries for homework, some were discussed in class - clues will be read out, so every group will have experts on certain countries, otherwise general knowledge and guesswork!

List of coutries in English/Gaelic/French (may be one or two typos not spotted yet!)