http://www.lo3ab.comSome resources I am using in school with S1 - we are working on sports and hobbies linked into the winter olympics.

Meet Sumi, Quatchi and Miga, mascots of the 2010 games.
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics - Official Site
BBC trailer for Vancouver 2010
Les jeux olympics - fantastic resources from Loveland High School in Colorado - lots of ideas for based on the Olympics on Ollie Bray's blog - Amazing pictures of the opening ceremony

Imagine the games are coming to Scotland and design two mascots, write their profile following the example of Miga, Sumi and Quatchi.

This notebook file was used to give positive and negative opinions about sport - we did the matching exercises. Then pupils worked in threes to come up with as many phrases as possible positive and negative based on the picture (as they are huge rugby fans we had 3 times as many positive as negative as some were reluctant to write anything negative about their favourite sport!) Lastly they adapted the phrases to write one positive and one negative sentence as their "ticket out the door", these are going to be used as a poster for display.
{Feel free to download and adapt for your own use:)}

Revise saying what sports you like using the dice to generate random sentences (with a little help from Mario), jouer or faire? drag the sports into the correct boxes, finally write as many sentences as you can using faire with the pictures.

Snakes and Ladders winter sports style - take your skier to gold - go up the mountains and down the ski jumper!