Flashmeeting Monday September 26th 2011, 8.30-10.30pm BST

Sign up below. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 25-If this is exceeded, a waiting list will be created below

  1. Joe Dale, Independent ICT/MFL consultant, Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom Twitter: @joedale
  2. Alex Bellars, French & German teacher, @bellaale
  3. Clare Seccombe, independent MFL teacher and consultant @valleseco
  4. Amanda Salt, Head of Spanish, Grosvenor Grammar School Languages and Learning @amandasalt
  5. Helena Butterfield, Head of MFL, St. Michael's RC School @langwitch
  6. Esther Mercier, teacher @atantot
  7. Lisa Stevens @lisibo PLL and International coordinator, WCPS / Lisibo Ltd http://lisibo.co.uk
  8. Suzi Bewell PGCE course leader for MFL, York
  9. Bertram Richter, Head of MFL, Tile Hill Wood School & Language College, @bertramrichter
  10. Annalise Adam, Head of MFL, St Mary's College Southampton @thwartedmum ( joining for 2nd half)
  11. Kate Scott, MFL Teacher, St St Bernadette Catholic Secondary,Bristol.
  12. Samantha Lunn, Head of MFL, St Mary's Catholic College, Blackpool @spanishsam
  13. Rosemary Hicks, Head of MFL Northfield School @hicksie58
  14. Kelda Richards, Lead Practitioner Media Rich Learning, Isca College, Exeter @ElKel99
  15. Catrin James, Head of MFL, Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi, @mfl_catrin
  16. Fiona Joyce (for 2nd time) classroom MFL bod, the North somewhere @wizenedcrone
  17. Marie-France Perkins, Head of MFL, Oldfield School, @MarieFrance Sans Problemes
  18. Terri Dunne, French and Spanish NQT @misstdunne
  19. Alex Blagona, Head of Language College, Northgate High School @blagona
  20. Saira Ghani, Head of French, Chiltern Edge School @sghani
  21. Daniel King, Spanish, Japanese, Oasis Academy John Williams, Bristol @educurate
  22. Emilie Burguin, Head of ML, French, Spanish, Ockbrook School, Derby @MLMilpin

1. Were you happy with your exam results this summer?
2. ILILC2012 update
3. MFL Dropbox. What's that all about?
3. Language Perfect World Championships: Did you take part? What did you think?
4. How did you celebrate European Day of Languages today?
3. LARC Social Media Workshop 2011. Are webinars the way of the future for Continuing Professional Development?
4. TeachShares and the new Vital MFL Portal.
5. QR codes in MFL - a powerful pedagogical resource or a faddy gimmick?
6. Are you using iPods and iPads in the MFL classroom? If so how?
7. Who's going to SSAT Annual Languages Conference and The Language Show Live?
8. What do yout hink of CfBT/CILT getting contract for primary languages training?
9. A.O.B

To add your name to the wiki, click the EDIT link and then the Text Editor button. Copy and paste one of the entries. Change the wording as necessary and add your Twitter username if you like. Press Save. There is a limit of 25 in the meeting and so I suggest you do this sooner than later otherwise you may not be able to get in.

Click on the Flashmeeting link http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/fm/6a89cd-13885 and Go to the meeting . You will then be asked to give permission for your microphone or webcam to be used. Click Allow and then select Sign in as Guest. Click Enter .