Flashmeeting Monday 24 January 8.30-10.30pm GMT (click **here** to compare time zones)
Sign up below:) Maximum number of participants - 25 (if this is exceeded please create a waiting list underneath)

  1. Alex Bellars, French & German, Ballard School, Blackpaper, @bellaale
  2. Joe Dale, Independent ICT/MFL consultant, Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom Twitter: @joedale
  3. Amanda Salt, Spanish & French, Grosvenor Grammar School, Languages and Learning, @amandasalt
  4. Samantha Lunn, Head of MFL, Arnold Schoo, LanguagesResources, @spanishsam
  5. Valerie McIntyre, Head of MFL, Wells Blue School, @froggyval
  6. Marie O'Sullivan, German, Fr & It, Marie's Language Stuff, @reesiepie
7. Clare Seccombe
8. Marie-France Perkins Head of MFL, Oldfield School, Sans Problemes @MarieFrance
9. James Padvis
10. Helena Butterfield
11. Saira Ghani, Head of French, Chiltern Edge School @sghani, chilternedgemfl
12 Rosemary Hicks Head MFL Northfield School (MHA) @hicksie58
13. Rowena Allen Head of MFL Belvoir High School @roweallen
14. Esther Hardman, Weald of Kent Grammar School @estherhardman, Crack the Code
16. Adrian Moss, MYLO, @helloMYLO
17. Fiona Joyce, French & German Ian Ramsey School @wizenedcrone
18. Kath Holton, Head of langs, Argoed High School, N Wales, @kath52
19. Jessyka N., PGCE MFL French and Spanish Trainee, University of York @JessykaJna
20. Suzi Bewell University of York PGCE course leader @suzibewell
21. Lisa Stevens - Whitehouse Common Primary and Lisibo Ltd. ¡Vámonos! @lisibo
22. Jo Rhys-Jones - Hampshire LA, Talkabout @jowinchester
23. Jen Turner - French and German - Stowmarket High, Suffolk @msmfl
24. Alex Blagona - Northgate High, Ipswich @blagona


  1. How are you finding MYLO now it has been officially launched and more importantly what do your pupils think of it?
  2. Are you coming to the ICT Links into Languages Conference and how can you help spread the word?
  3. What does the MFL Twitterati mean to you?
  4. English Bacc – a good idea for languages?
  5. Realising the Strategic Importance of Languages event – a summary
  6. Thoughts on Ofsted report Modern languages: achievement and challenge 2007-2010
  7. Have you heard about the Primary languages petition launched by Devon Languages team?
  8. Training the next generation. Sharing good practice in mentoring and training new MFL teachers. (just thought seeing as we have people here from trainees to mentors to university tutors it might be nice to discuss different approaches and experiences) (AND since we "normal" teachers are going to be doing that job too, thanks to the Gove-rnor...)
  9. What is your Favourite MFL app for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android?

To add your name to the wiki, click the EDIT link and then the Text Editor button. Copy and paste one of the entries. Change the wording as necessary and add your Twitter username if you like. Press Save. There is a limit of 25 in the meeting and so I suggest you do this sooner than later otherwise you may not be able to get in.

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