MFL Flashmeeting 19 - MFL Challenge Special

MFL Flashmeeting 19
Flashmeeting Monday January 14th 2013, 8.30-10.30pm GMT
Sign up below. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 25 - If this is exceeded, a waiting list will be created below

1. Joe Dale, Independent ICT/MFL consultant, Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom @joedale
2. John Connor Independent Consultant Meanings that Matter @bootleian
3. Clare Seccombe, MFL [[#|teacher]] and consultant blogging at Changing Phase, @valleseco
4. Rachel Smith, MFL teacher. @lancslassrach
5. Jan Baker, MFL teacher & HoD @janbaker97
6. Saira Ghani, HoD of MFL, Chiltern Edge School @sghani
7. Helena Butterfield @langwitch
8. Rosemary Hicks, HoD MFL @hicksie58
9. Alex Bellars, MFL teacher @bellaale
10. Kevin Dunne, MFL teacher @kevindunne23
11. Lisa Stevens @lisibo educator and consultant Vámonos!
12. Cassandra Renaut, Director of MFL, @renautsensei,
13. Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages, The Radclyffe School, , @icpjones
14. Bertram Richter, Head of Languages, Tile Hill Wood School,, @bertramrichter
15. Emilie Burguin, Head of ML at Ockbrook School, @MLMilpin
16. Jen Turner, F and G teacher, general shirker of marking, @msmfl
17. Amanda Salt, Head of Spanish, Grosvenor Grammar, @amandasalt
18. Marie-France Perkins,@MarieFrance HoD MFL Oldfield School, Bath Sans Problèmes
20. Amjad Ali, @ASTSupportAAli, AST supporting an MFL department
21. Neil Brown, @neilcactus In my 2nd year teaching F&S. Still got L plates.
22. Rowena Allen Head of MFL, @pamplemousse234
23. Samantha Hunter, MFL teacher @sjhunter82
24. Catrin James, Head of MFL, @mfl_catrin
25. Sue Potts Primary MFL CT @Spottsue

If we reach the 25 person limit and you would still like to take part please add your name to the waiting list below:
Waiting list
  1. Gemma Laundon, Gn and Fr teacher @GemmaLaundo
  2. Pete Watson, HoD Spanish Malvern College, lead author of Exclusiva IB website,, @pedroelprofesor
    4. Nancy Boulicault @bilingualauthor
  3. Fatima Khaled, head teacher of a complementary school. Peace School @zorakhaled
  4. Terri Dunne @misstdunne
  5. Alex Blagona, Head of Language College, Northgate High School, Ipswich @blagona
  6. Emma Bains, Head of Languages, Foxford, Coventry @bains_1

AGENDA - In tonight's meeting we shall be discussing some of the challenges faced by MFL teachers in the UK in 2013

  1. increasing learner autonomy and motivation
  2. giving learners good access to ICT and upskilling staff on a limited budget
  3. embracing and maximising use of new technologies and finding the time to share ideas with colleagues
  4. creating linguists who can be truly productive and manipulate language not just have good memory skills for controlled assessments
  5. achieving more As and A*s
  6. facilitating transition and progression between primary and secondary
  7. Methods of levelling at KS3 for teachers and pupils and achieving consistency
  8. engaging reluctant learners and SEN pupils

To add your name to the wiki, click the EDIT link and then the Text Editor [[#|button]]. Copy and paste one of the entries. Change the wording as necessary and add your Twitter username if you like. Press Save. There is a limit of 25 in the meeting and so I suggest you do this sooner than later otherwise you may not be able to get in. Click on the Flashmeeting link and Go to the meeting . You will then be asked to give permission for your microphone or webcam to be used. Click Allow and then select Sign in as Guest. Click Enter.