MFL Flashmeeting Monday 28 September 8.30-10.30pm GMT (click **here** to compare time zones)

Sign up below:) Maximum number of participants - 25 (if this is exceeded please create a waiting list underneath)

1. Lynne Horn, Tobermory High
2. Mary Cooch, Our Lady's High Preston
3. Saira Ghani, Chiltern Edge School. nr Reading
4. Helena Butterfield, Ian Ramsey CE School, Stockton The Langwitch Chronicles
5. Amanda Salt, Grosvenor Grammar School, Belfast
6. Joe Dale, CILT language teaching adviser Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom
7. Isabelle Jones, The Radclyffe School, Oldham, My Languages
8. Samantha Lunn, Arnold School, Blackpool
Valerie Mcintyre, The Blue School Wells
10. Marie-France Perkins, Oldfield School Bath, Sans Problèmes
11.Suzi Bewell, All Saints Language College, York, SSAT Lead Practitioner, (First time chairing!)
12. Vicki Courtney, Okehamptoncollege, Devon (if there's room for me!)
13. Esther Hardman, Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tonbridge, Kent. /
14. José Picardo, Nottingham High School - Box of Tricks and, little by little, our new departmental website!
15. Marcela Summerville, Spanish Workshop for Children, Philadelphia USA
16. Alex Bellars , Ballard School, Hampshire
17. Andrea Henderson Elkins, High School, Missouri City, Texas
18. Nigel Yeo The Radclyffe School Oldham
19. Florence Lyons, Matamata College, NZ
20. Alice Ayel, Thuringia International School, Germany
21. Mark Pentleton , Radio Lingua Schools (happy to loiter and drop out if classroom practitioner needs in)
22. Lisa Stevens ,Whitehouse Common Primary School , Sutton Coldfield ; aka @lisibo author of ¡Vámonos! . (Not staying long - jetlagged!!)

1. Cunning tips: how do you save time in blogging/podcasting/resource creating and so on, to keep work/life balance & prevent divorce/forgetting names of children, etc.?
2. What did YOU do for European Day of Languages and how did it go?
3. Is there a place for audio feedback instead of written feedback for pupils' work delivered via email or through a VLE?
4. How can blogging help raise intercultural understanding for pupils?
5. Is the specific teaching of phonics important and what difference does it make to pupils' understanding?
6. What's your favourite Web 2.0 tool at the moment and why?
7. How do you use your VLE and what sort of resources do you have on it?

Click on the Flashmeeting link **** and Go to the meeting . You will then be asked to give permission for your microphone or webcam to be used. Click Allow and then select Sign in as Guest. Click Enter** .