MFL Flashmeeting Monday 25 January 8.30-10.30pm GMT (click **here** to compare time zones) Sign up below:) Maximum number of participants - 25 (if this is exceeded please create a waiting list underneath)
  1. Adam Sutcliffe @adamsutcliffe
  2. Simon Howells @simonhowells ICT Co-ordinator for MFL at Cheadle Hulme School, Manchester
  3. Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages at The Radclyffe School, Oldham, My Languages Blog.
  4. Lynne Horn, Tobermory High School
  5. Mary Cooch OLCHS Preston
  6. Rosemary Hicks, Head of Languages at Northfield School(MHA) Billingham, Musikalisch]
  7. Dominic McGladdery @dominic_mcg Head of MFL, Roseberry Sports college, Chester le Street.
  8. Frank Stonehouse , EFL teacher & Cambridge TKT Course Facilitator, Mexico English Teachers' Alliance (META)
  9. Samantha Lunn. Head of MFL, Arnold School, Blackpool.
  10. Joe Dale CILT language teaching adviser Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom
  11. Amanda Salt Head of Spanish, Grosvenor Grammar School, Belfast Languages and Learning
  12. Lisa Stevens @lisibo Primary Language teacher and consultant (amongst other things!) ¡Vámonos! Lisibo talks!
  13. Marie-France Perkins Head of Modern Languages at Oldfield School Bath Sans Problemes
  14. Vicky Prior Plain ol' French and German teacher, Heston Community School, London Miss Understood
  15. Fiona Joyce, MFL teacher Ian Ramsey CofE Languages College, Stockton-on-Tees @wizenedcrone - I'm going to buy a webcam!
  16. Valerie McIntyre Head of MFL, Blue School, Wells
  17. Saira Ghani Head of French, Chiltern Edge School nr Reading Chiltern Edge MFL
  18. Dave Winter Programme director regional ict initiative New Zealand
  19. Helena Butterfield International Schools Co-ordinator at Ian Ramsey School, Stockton-on-Tees The Langwitch Chronicles
  20. Suzi BewellAll Saints Languages Blog
  21. Clare SeccombeMFL SunderlandChanging Phase blog
  22. Catriona Oates Scottish CiLT
  23. Florence Lyons, TIC French Matamata College, New Zealand, @froggieflo
  24. Belinda Flint, Head of Languages and German teacher at Bendigo South East College, Australia @belindaflint
  25. Andrew Jeppesen, Japanese teacher, Knox Grammar School, Sydney, Australia
  26. Jo Cossey Head of MFL, The Royal High, Bath

Waiting List
  1. Drew McAllister , Tech Integration Specialist, Parkway School District, St. Louis, Missouri (@drewmca ) -- Will the conversations be recorded and posted somewhere? I'm especially interested in topics 4 and 5 -- if there are those who'd like to collaborate with students in the States using these tools, I'd be pleased to connect you with teachers in my district (we offer French, German, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish). (The link you use to enter the Flashmeeting is the same link you use to access the replay).

**Kath HoltonHead of MFL, Argoed High School,N Wales @Kath52,great to see so many names- I'm interested in doing more with wallwisher- especially with my German classes

  1. Did Santa / Father Xmas bring you any interesting tech you plan to use in your classroom and have you made any New Year Resolutions for using ICT to enhance your language lessons?
  2. Would someone like to explain the idea behind the #mfltips Twitter experiment?
  3. Please share some great ideas to help worried Y11's prepare for Speaking Tests (would it be possible for this part of the discussion to be captured and shared via the EDUtalk365 project? -
    ) (Sure why not!)
  4. Anyone interested in collaborative MFL projects eg podcast sharing.(my pupils teach yours ie kids as experts) or using wallwisher (responses to another class's question).
  5. VOICETHREAD - How do you use it?
  6. Gaming Technology (DS/Wii etc) Does it have a place? (How) Can it be harnessed appropriately? Views and experiences.

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