Flashmeeting Monday 29th November 8.30-10.30pm GMT (click **here** to compare time zones)
Sign up below:) Maximum number of participants - 25 (if this is exceeded please create a waiting list underneath)
  1. Amanda Salt, Head of Spanish, Grosvenor Grammar School @amandasalt Languages and Learning
  2. Joe Dale, Independent ICT/MFL consultant, Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom Twitter: @joedale
  3. Marie-France Perkins, Head of Modern Languages Sans Problemes @MarieFrance (may be late as meeting Heads of MFL in Banes)
  4. Esther Mercier @atantot
  5. Lisa Stevens, PLL educator and consultant, Whitehouse Common Primary, ¡Vámonos! @lisibo (may be late as it's @johnbaxjs1's birthday!)
  6. Helena Butterfield, Head of MFL, The Langwitch Chronicles, @langwitch
  7. Suzi Bewell, PGCE MFL Curriculum Area Leader, University of York Petite Pipelette Blog
  8. Saira Ghani, Head of French, Chiltern Edge School, Chiltern Edge MFL @sghani
  9. Clare Seccombe, Sunderland LA PMFL bod Changing Phase @valleseco
10. Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages, The Radclyffe School, Oldham, My Languages @icpjones
11. Alex Bellars, French, German & PE, Ballard School, BallardBellars, Ballard LangBlog, @bellaale
12 Rosemary Hicks Head of MFL @hicksie58
13. Susan Davidson, PGCE MFL French and German Trainee, University of York @susansuomi
15. Manuella Moisan, Head of French at Colston's Girls' School.
16.Mary Cooch, Our Lady's High Preston @moodlefairy
17. Vicky Prior, Assistant Curriculum Leader MFL, Heston Community School @vickymfl Blog - Miss Understood
18. Jessyka N., PGCE MFL French and Spanish Trainee, University of York
19. Nadine Chadier, French Language Trainer, Freelance, London @Nadinebleu
20. Samantha Lunn, Head of MFL, Arnold School, Blackpool @spanishsam, www.languagesresources.co.uk
21. Chris Harte - AHT Cramlingon Learning Village @charte www.chrisharte.typepad.com
22. Esther Hardman @estherhardman, www.crackthecode-eh.blogspot.com, www.wok20mfl.blogspot.com
23. Chris Fuller, www.chrisfuller.typepad.com , @chrisfullerisms

25. Laurence Read, KS3 Coordinator in MFL, The Harwich School @readlaurence

Waiting List
26. Drew McAllister, Tech Integration Specialist, Parkway School District, drewmcallister.net, @drewmca (may be late due to meeting)
27. Dominic McGladdery @dominic_mcg Teacher of French and German
28. Mr Gorse @gorsey Teacher of French and Spanish
SORRY - Valerie McIntyre has lost Internet over weekend and cannot join tonight :(( - 1 spare place !
APOLOGIES - I was hoping I'd finished my marking but, alas, I haven't. Snowed under in more ways than one. My regards to everyone. Another spare place! - José Picardo
  1. How was The Language Show 2010 for you?
  2. What did you think of the Oldham MFL Show and Tell? Where should we have the next one? Do you think we should change the format to include hands-on sessions? Would this impose a limit on numbers if we needed to find an appropriate venue with ICT suites (MFL Show and Tell - Hands-on?). Where should the next Show and Tell be to spread the word but still allow easy access?
  3. How to join the MFL Twitterati guide - a collaborative effort. (www.mfltwitterati.wikispaces.com a good idea?)
  4. Anyone heard from Nick Clegg?
  5. Who else can we "hit" with our concerns/constructive ideas for improvements to "The System"?
  6. What are your initial thoughts of the Coalition's White Paper, the English Bac proposal and the possible effect it will have on take up on MFL at KS4?
  7. Have your heard of Vocaroo? How have you used it or intend to use it? Useful for speaking HW? How about Edmodo for giving audio feedback/AfL or MailVu/EyeJot for video email? See link http://teachertrainingvideos.com/speaking/index.html Has anyone used the Edmodo app on their phone?

To add your name to the wiki, click the EDIT link and then the Text Editor button. Copy and paste one of the entries. Change the wording as necessary and add your Twitter username if you like. Press Save. There is a limit of 25 in the meeting and so I suggest you do this sooner than later otherwise you may not be able to get in.

Click on the Flashmeeting link http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/fm/62b90d-11321 and Go to the meeting . You will then be asked to give permission for your microphone or webcam to be used. Click Allow and then select Sign in as Guest. Click Enter .