Thanks for sparing me a couple of minutes in the FM, Joe.

As I explained, this weekend I'm heading out to Marseilles to film a pilot series of a new video podcast we're working on. Some of you may be familiar already with Walk, Talk and Learn French and although the feedback on that has been very positive, one of the most common things that is reported back to us about WTL is the fact that viewers/learners would really like to see more "authentic French folk" speaking on camera. That, needless to say, comes with its own problems eg. permission forms, etc., but we're going to try and put something together and I'll certainly keep you all posted on the developments.

So, my question to you is:

What open-ended questions can we ask people which would be useful to you in the classroom working with your S4/S5/GCSE/A-Level students? I'm not really thinking of deep and meaningful things about issues such as immigration, media, relationships, the environment, etc., more things that are factual, or maybe a bit whimsical and would therefore provide something interesting for people to talk about, and keep things fairly light-hearted. For example, it's more likely that your average person walking along the street would be willing to talk about where they'd like to live in the world if they didn't live in Marseilles, than about their deep-rooted views on immigration, etc., though I imagine that would probably get some interesting answers in Marseilles!

Please feel free to add your questions here and I'll do my best to film answers to these questions for inclusion in the video podcast. We're filming this pilot in Marseilles because it fits in with something else I'm doing, and I realise that the accents may be interesting, but it's real French, and we fully intend to film in a number of places if it works out. We also have plans for doing this is German and Spanish if it goes well.

Please follow your question with your Twitter name or a contact email so that i can let you know about it.

Questions for the project:

  1. Where would you like to live if you didn't live here? @markpentleton
  2. What was the first thing you did this morning? @markpentleton
  3. How do you normally spend your weekend? @markpentleton
  4. If you were an animal, which animal would you be? @lisibo
  5. Where do you normally go on holiday and why? @lynnehorn
  6. What would your ideal holiday be and why? @lynnehorn
  7. What is the area's typical food? @MarieFrance
  8. What sports do you play? @MarieFrance
  9. Have you got a traditionnal sport in the area? What is it? Can you explain how it is played? @MarieFrance
  10. How has Marseille changed over the last 10 years? @dominic_mcg
  11. do you support l'OM? do you think they have a good chance of winning the European championship this year? @froggieflo
  12. do you feel more French or Marseillais? @froggieflo
  13. which suburb do you think represent marseille the best? @froggieflo
  14. Do you know the origine of the word La Canebiere? @froggieflo
  15. can you explain the rivality between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence? @froggieflo
  16. Have you been to the UK? Where did you go? @bellaale
  17. What did you think of it? How was it different from Marseille? @bellaale
  18. Do you have relatives elsewhere in France? @bellaale
  19. Where else would you live if not in Marseille? @bellaale
  20. Do you like pastis? @bellaale
  21. What green initiatives does Marseille have? What more could be done? @susannefw
  22. Many thanks to everyone!